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Gynafresh Intimate Wash pH Balanced 240ml Pump

Gynafresh Intimate Wash pH Balanced 240ml Pump

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The Ideal solution for the whole females ages from the greasy unpleasant vaginal secretions because of Gynafresh highly cleansing effect with the balanced pH (3.8 to 4.5)



Gynafresh is a unique natural formula of Lactic Acid 225 mg, Chamomile Oil Extract, Rosemary & Natural Lavender that is scientifically formulated for daily routine of the intimate areas.



Gynafresh protects from the whole pathogens that may infect the whole external part of vagina therefore protecting the internal part.

Gynafresh balanced pH and Lactic Acid content protects the acid mantle of intimate areas  and prevent overgrowth of pathogens that causes external and internal infections.


Chamomile Oil Extract content of Gynafresh moisturizes the intimate area, prevent damage caused by dry skin and relives itching.


Gynafresh has a pleasant scent of lavender that immediately masks unpleasant odors and promotes a feeling of cleanliness.


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